N O   H O M E   I S   S A F E
Ants are one of the biggest "nuisance pests" because they can easily enter through small cracks and can nest anywhere in and around your home.

Cockroaches can enter through small cracks and crevices, vents and pipes, and in grocery bags or on firewood. They carry numerous diseases and can contaminate food.

Fabric Pests
Fabric pests can be brought in on cut flowers or antique items such as natural fiber carpeting, clothes, hatboxes, etc. They can multiply rapidly within the favorable conditions of your home.

Flies are not only annoying, they can also carry harmful bacteria that they pick up from decaying materials and spread to any uncovered food sources.

Pantry Pests
Pantry pests, such as beetles and weevils, can get into and contaminate dry goods like flour, rice, beans and dried fruit.

Occasional Invaders
Silverfish can damage food, paper, books and fabric. Earwigs are unsightly and can be serious garden pests. Crickets eat almost anything they can chew - from carpets to clothing.
Rodents slip in through open doors and attic or foundation vents. They can gnaw through furniture and electrical wires and can carry infectious diseases.
Spiders invade your home through windows and doors and can also be carried in on firewood. They can cause unsightly cobwebs and a few species have bites that can be painful and sometimes require medical attention.
Stinging & Biting Pests

Stinging pests, such as bees and hornets, can dwell in gardens or shrubbery and can build nests in attic openings. Biting pests, such as fleas, ticks and lice are most commonly carried into your home by your pets.
Wood-Boring Beetles
Wood-boring beetles can be brought in with firewood or they can be introduced by infesting wood before or after it has been milled, finished and installed in structures or manufactured into furniture or wooden art objects.






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